Official Inspection

The D. R. Schaal Agency offers a wide variety of official and unofficial services to our customers. Grain merchandisers, exporters, processors,  salvage companies, insurance adjusters, and local producers are all able to take advantage of official grain inspection and weighing services.


Official Sample Certificates

Official Sample Certificates certify the factors and grade on a lot of grain that has been sampled and inspected by the Agency's licensed personnel. It certifies the quality of the entire lot of grain sampled.

Submitted Sample Certificates

Sumitted Sample Certificates represent a sample that was drawn by the applicant and submitted to the Agency's lab. It certifies only the grain in the sample that was submitted for consideration.


All generated documents are electronically transmitted to the applicant.

The Agency is proficient at issuing certificates which accommodate several types of load orders; single lot, combined lot, composite lots, and CuSum loading. Proprietary software is used to facilitate data management and provides the applicant with valuable information during loading and subsequent lot combinations.

If either the buyer or the seller of grain is dissatisfied with the results of an official inspection, The United States Grain Standards Act affords several options. Interested parties may request a reinspection from the originating agency, which will supersede the original results, or they may request an appeal inspection. The latter level of inspection is done at an FGIS Field Office and/or the FGIS Board of Appeals and Review in Kansas City, MO. These results will also supersede the original results.