D. R. Schaal Agency is an officially designated grain inspection and weighing service headquartered in Belmond, Iowa. A full service branch office is located in North Bergen, New Jersey. Services are provided in accordance with the United States Grain Standards Act and the Federal Grain Inspection Service regulations there under. The Agency's designated service areas include North Central Iowa, Southern Minnesota, and the entire states of New York and New Jersey.

In addition to our offices in Belmond, IA and North Bergen, NJ, D.R. Schaal Agency provides official services in the southeastern United States. The branch office in Savannah, Georgia provides official grain inspection and weighing services for the state of Georgia. In January 2020, we opened our third full-service branch in Charleston, South Carolina to service our 26 county designated area in the state of South Carolina.

Official Agency

The D. R. Schaal Agency is a privately held entity under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture. The Agency is required to adhere to the stringent rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Grain Inspection Service (FGIS).
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Official Inspection

There are two types of certificates that the Agency issues under the United States Grain Standards Act; Official Sample Certificates and Submitted Sample Certificates. Official Sample Certificates certify the factors and grade on a lot of grain that has been sampled and inspected by the Agency's licensed personnel. It certifies the quality of the entire lot of grain sampled.
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